Personal Financial Care LLC - Providing financial peace of mind
Services Available
  • Serve as Conservator, Power of Attorney or Trustee 
  • Pay bills & balance checkbooks 
  • Medical claims assistance 
  • Assist with entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid  
  • Review estate planning documents 
  • Organize mail, financial information & paperwork 
  • Provide referrals to accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, care managers and others—and coordinate relationships 
  • Review and reconcile bank, credit card and investment statements  
  • Make arrangements to move client from home, assisted living, etc. 
  • Organize records for tax return preparation
  • Advocate with medical providers, creditors, financial institutions, insurers and government agencies 
  • Inventory assets & investments 
  • Assist with pre-paid funeral arrangements 
  • Notary Services

  • And many more personal financial services

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